Olympiasieger 2016

Olympiasieger 2016 im K4 über 1000m  - ich bin immer noch sprachlos und voller Emotionen! Es war eine turbulente Woche, die mir wohl immer im Gedächtnis bleiben wird. Zuerst gefühlt am Tiefpunkt….mehr ›

Jumped into the WORLDCUP-TEAM

First weekend of national trials 2016 done.
Got away with a win in the K1 1000m and directly qualified for the world cups in may. There follows the next step to make it to ‪‎Rio2016‬. Congrats to...mehr ›

The WORLDS 2014 are over!!!

They haven’t been like I planed it and how I dreamed about it the weeks before. A very disappointing 9th place in the K1 1000m final and a tired 8th place in the K1 500m…. But even to this there was a result which gave me some personal satisfaction. A 2nd place in the great K1 5000m race behind the Champ of this discipline, Ken Wallace. Congrats man,...mehr ›

The WORLDS 2014 in MOSCOW are on!!!

The WORLDS 2014 in MOSCOW are on!!!

Had some pretty good heats and semifinals the last two days in my little K1 on the 1000 and 500m distance. Was definitely hard work, the world is not getting slower! Some super fast times will be expected in the finals!!! I'm getting more and more used to this water over here, so I can't wait to race against the guys!!!mehr ›


Tomorrow heading off to WORLDS 2014 in MOSCOW!!! Can’t wait to race again!!

After two weeks of good training in Kienbaum the German team will start the last big and most important journey of 2014 tomorrow morning! Everybody seems to be in a good shape and more important, everybody is healthy. After the Europeans in Brandenburg 4 weeks ago, ...mehr ›

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