National trials 2014 - DONE!!!14.04.2014
National trials 2014 - DONE!!!

First national selections done.... Nice to be back in racing mode after a long winter-period. There is still a lot to do, but I’m absolutely happy where I am at the moment. Two nice and solid 1st places at the K1 1000m and 2000m should be a good start into the new season. Now racing in Milano at the first World cup in three weeks...
Congratulations to Max Rendschmidt and Martin Hollstein for their second and third places on the 1000m, also for all the other guys who gave their best! Next chance in three weeks at the second national trials, so keep on going!!!
Congrats to all the other winners and competitors in all the other disciplines! Also keep on going and don’t forget your goal, even when this weekend wasn’t like you aimed at it....

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