The WORLDS 2014 in MOSCOW are on!!!08.08.2014

The WORLDS 2014 in MOSCOW are on!!!

Had some pretty good heats and semifinals the last two days in my little K1 on the 1000 and 500m distance. Was definitely hard work, the world is not getting slower! Some super fast times will be expected in the finals!!! I'm getting more and more used to this water over here, so I can't wait to race against the guys!!!

Tomorrow at 9:23 a.m. MET (11:23 a.m. MSK) the 1000m final is on! At 3:30 MET in the afternoon (5:30 p.m. MSK) the 5km-race is on!

To everybody who wants to see it live:

Eurosport from 09:00-10:30

Livestream auf ab 09:00

YouTube live channel: